Q. What address do we ship presentation/booth materials to?

A. 333 South 13th Street Lincoln, NE 68508 ATTN: [company/university name], Big 10 and Friends Conference 4/29/18.

Q. How many days before the conference can materials be shipped?

A. We would prefer that the materials be shipped no more than 3 days before the conference. Since we are a large hotel we get many shipments per day and have a limited amount of space to store items therefore the closer to the day of the conference is preferred.

Q. Where will shipped items be located when Business Partners arrive at the conference center?

A. They will be available in the Grand Ballroom. (See a UNL representative at the registration booth when you check in)

Q.  How does return shipping work from the conference center?

A. Return shipping will be up to the individual Business Partners to setup with a shipping provider. Business Partners will setup pick up times on either 5/1/2018 or 5/2/2018 and have their materials packed and at the conference center front desk before the pick-up time.

Q. What type of flooring is in the booth areas?

A. Some areas have brick and other areas have carpet.

Q. Is wifi available throughout the conference center? If so, what is the password?

A. Yes, wifi is available and complimentary. There are different access points/networks for each room, but they will all have the same password of 'cornhuskermeeting'

Q. How big is a single booth?

A. 8' x 8'

Q. What size is the table in one booth?

A. 8' x 3'

Q. How many chairs come with a single booth?

A. 2 chairs

Q. If a Business Partner has more than one booth, will they have the option to open them up as one big booth?

A. Yes, this information would need to be communicated with the conference center prior to the event


Q. What time will Business Partners be able to setup their booths?

A. 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 29th. Please see the conference agenda.


Please email big10util@unl.edu if you have questions not addressed on this webpage